Friday, July 25, 2014

Iftar and photography skills update ;D


alhamdulillah. i will be posting this tomorrow so malam ni malam yang ke27 ramadhan. yesterday manage to meet up for iftar with bestfriends from high school yeay! memang menjadi kebiasaan lah muka-muka diorang ni terpampang indah dalam blog aku since 2008. heh. thank you people!

hari tu my nyawa, 50mm f1.4 rosak, motor jem. hantar baiki and he's in good condition now dan dah boleh pakai autofocus balik so happy takpayah sesusah nak guna manual. and idky i feel like dia macam lagi sharp ahaha walhal, nothing to do with the lens.

so yeah, i tried so hard to freeze moments but i failed sebab all of them style pantang nampak aku pegang camera they will get themselves prepare to pose ahh leceh lah depa ni haha tapi their faces never failed me in making good photos. thank you bebeh.

ok esok balik beraya (which is today) and harap dapat ambil more moments sebab perasan memang kurang sikit skill ni. kena slow and steady jangan ambil gambar kalut-kalut. just feel it. gittew.
sebab nabil adalah nabil. haha #maharajawish
sebab ammar suka selfie dan sebab ada orang tak faham 50mm tu macam mana. selamat tak nampak lubang hidung ja haha! penat explain woih waktu dia posing gini.
my forever sedap kekbatik spotted on ammar's plate. happy they like it. memang kekbatik tersedap didunia i tell you haha #takabur

okbai nak packing barang. salam akhir ramadhan dan selamat hari raya!

Monday, July 21, 2014


got no words to spill. ramadhan almost come to an end nevertheless time flies so fast, trapped in an existence of our own making, drowning and gasping for time and struggle for so many things. ups and downs level of imann however need to remain focus is the hardest part.

but we have NOW. what's more important than that?

"Every matter, small and great, is on record." [Quran 54:53]

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

photobook murah! (review and how to)

assalam people! short update on how to buy cheap photobook online! sekarang semua mudah. past few years, everything made easy for consumer with time-saving and buy online. dulu ada perkenalkan kedai cuci gambar online yang serious murah (KLIK SINI) tapi sekarang pun a lot of printing online ni ada you just have to search on google!

ok, all these images came from my 1st time try printing photobook online. teruja betul tengok gambar gedabak besar penuh satu page. dah rasa macam hasil gambar masuk magazine national geographic okeyy (pernah bercita-cita nak jadi photogrpaher magazine ni HAHA ok jangan lah gelak, nak aim high boleh, but work for it cuma aku menyimpang ikut lain hewhew)

to make it short. Photobook Malaysia (boleh click untuk ke website) provides all sort of printing pictures from making it as a book/album, or printing it as a poster, you name it, however price dia yes mahal. kena tunggu sale baru beli and dia selalu ada sale, no worries.

so how to know when it is sale? sign up to their page, and subscribes to receive later news from them then you just have to check your emails to get the SALE news.

and another way is, sign up to Groupon (boleh click untuk ke websites) groupon is a one stop place to buy all sort of things from clothing, home appliance, shoes, bags, gadgets, booking hotels or reastaurant or anything you name it, and of course with SALE. (you kinda get coupons, maybe that's why it named groupon kot)

once you bought the sales coupon from groupon, than you can check out your items at the photobook websites by adding that coupon item code than nahh settle and check out macam biasa yang kita dok shopping online tu.

feel free to ask me more but please ask with relevant question jangan tanya eh macam mana nak beli while i have stated everything, you just need to TRY read the terms and conditions or rules and regulations. jangan nak noob sangat while you actually can READ. thank you! :))

my review: i expect it to be more classy, however it turn to be alahai macam buku magazine skolah tapi nipis ahaha. but, their prints 98% satisfied. cuma gambar jangan too saturated, nanti warna dia lari sikit. make it light and others, the tone was perfectly print out. love it and of course gonna make some more.

frequently ask question: 

did the color changed? (some people are care enough of their pixels colors sorta thing)
no. except for extra saturated pictures, color might change a little. very little.

do we need to design the page by ourself?
nope. but you can if you want. they provide a software for you to decorate each pages, or sort pictures. after you sort all pictures, than you just have to upload the album and send for print! (ce usha page tu and you will understand)

how about the price?
based on the sizes and how many pages you want. go and check it! but buying them without a sale is not worth the price.

HAPPY PHOTOBOOK-ING! hope it helps and give you more idea. :))

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Experimenting free-lensing photography

assalam and oh hye i am back with some photography tips. tips lah sangat :p i had mentioned previously on my photoshoot outing post (wayy too back) about freelensing. experimenting your camera is so much fun as you can widen your skills and learn new techniques. it's worthless buying a DSLR but you only use AUTO mode and such, no offense. :D

so besides learning manual mode, composition, rules, exposure etcetera, you can go wild and try manipulate your lens to get more artsy pictures! yes you can! i had tried a few of them, only a few cause i rarely hangout with my camera nowadays. maybe i will learn more often if i have nikon df in my collection. ahaha, keep on dreaming syakirah!

let's fast forward, free lensing is fun way to get blurry with minor selective area to focus. it's much more effective if you used prime lens. you have to detach your lens from your camera or you can visit THIS link to have a look practically how it's done. and you can 'google image' using freelensing as the keyword. here are some photos taken by me. :))

PhotoShoot (22)
PhotoShoot (19)
PhotoShoot (18)
if you familiar and have seen pictures with bokeh, then you know how to differentiate whether its freelensing or not. as you can see in my pictures, the blurry area was too blurry and there are some sharp focus area across the pictures. you can only get this by freelensing. so go and try, you gonna make awesome photos for sure. happy free-lensing!

p/s: super duper missing outing and take photos! T____T