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alhamdulillah. just got back from visiting my sister at kota bharu. and alhamdulillah, manage to get a cubicle so i can have a kick start of being constantly (like everyday) doing my research stuff. it's so hard to disciplined myself at home. temptation okeyy, too much unresisted temptation, cute babies (ety and ahabb grr gerramm) swimming almost everyday, and went for holiday macam cuti tu kau buat sendiri sheshhh.

and alhamdulillah, manage to book flight tickets and manage to get a seat at Yasmin Mogahed talk, Observation of A Heart at PICC this coming 26th April. it doesn't cost you a pretty penny, only rm40 for students. murah kan? so anyone join it? yeahh see you there insyaAllah. (perasan like there is anyone that want to meet u kerr haha). here is the link to buy the tickets LightUponLight (you can buy it manually by online banking if you didn't have any credit or debit card)

oh yes. i rarely updates what's on and what's up, not like i used to. to tell the truth, i feel regret of not updating this small space of mine, cause blogging is like a treasure of memories. however, i do have my personal blog which i made it private and i'm the only legal person to read through whatever thoughts that i had in my mind at that time. and reading it back can cause me some kind of huge mix feeling in positive way. heh. most of it, emo-ish thing la weii haha but there are also some so semangat post that when i read it back, i feel so semangat like veryvery semangat. :D ok lah, take care people!

much love, syakirah. :))

Japan Travelogue: Nagoya Castle

IMG_9833 (1) 
ahh finally i manage to update with some massive throwback photos from my previous trip to Japan. konnichiwa! haik haik buang tebiat! :D not going to write much, lets take a look some of the pictures that i took around at Nagoya Castle. we were about to visit the Osaka castle, unfortunately we had to reschedule it because of the weather. alhamdulillah, what a great opportunity to visit and learn more about their culture and historic values. historical places definitely will be my forever favorite. :))
IMG_9847 (1)
IMG_9844 (1)
nelayan berjaya. heh. the best-known items associated with the Nagoya Castle are this golden dolphins, or kinshachi as symbol of the feudal lord’s authority.IMG_6738
this is how samurai looks alike. *ketaq lutut*
they re-draw this painting on each door in this castle (originally). amazing i must said!
IMG_9859 (1)
IMG_9864 (1)
i always regret of not taking more photos. and always regret that i didn't even try to squeeze myself in the photo. heh. i guess, i am too busy admiring those places and forget to capture myself in it (except if someone are really capable and having skills in taking photo not like my brother pftttt haha seriously :D).

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Japan Travelogue: Senso-ji

Monday, March 10, 2014

never too late

Pray For MH370

i do reading a lot about all this aircraft stuff and possibilities might happen. not because i am so interested of any speculation but i just want to know the facts about what might happen.

there are a lot of assumption and speculation made by us, and them (the one who are expert in such area). however, things happen, and whatever it is, probably some conspiracy or sudden catastrophic failure or whatsoever, its happen by Allah's will. yup, only Allah knows best.

make it ease, and protect us, Ya Allah.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Japan Travelogue: Sensō-ji


This is my third entry about Japan. i still can't move on with this mini adventure trip around Japan as for me Japan is one of my MUST visit place besides Makkah and Madinah. i love the people and their attitudes, the shop lots that are unique for me, the environment and the feeling of being safe and secure. 

Not going to talk much, but later i'm gonna list out why Japan are so special for me. :)) so here are my last day photos that i took around Tokyo, we went to Sensoji temple which is the oldest one in Tokyo (known as Asakusa Kannon Temple) and bought some souvenirs for family and friends.

There is also a market with lots of interesting local stuff to browse through, with loads of little souvenir shops along the way, it's a perfect place to buy presents and souvenirs to bring home.
I wish i can take more photos, more better photos (this place is pretty darn crowded and i have been busy looking and admiring things around me).

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